This peaceful and patriotic expedition has as its main goal crossing Prokletije mountain from Peć to the town of Durres, and then by ship to the final destinations – the islands of Corfu and Vido, taking the same route Serbian Army did this during the WWI. On this journey, the participants will use personal and expedition equipment (winter trousers and jackets, shoes, sleeping bags, mats) without any logistic support. They will have to carry food, they will be sleeping in tents, melt the snow to get water, orientate using a compass and talk with local residents.

The expedition is scheduled to start from Peć early in December 2015, being the same place and time the Serbian Army began their retreat in 1915. This route is the most difficult of three major routes – it begins in Peć at 560 m above sea level and continues over Čakor (1,850m, Prokletije mountain). The participants will then enter Montenegro and follow the border to Skhoder and finally Durres. The route is approximately 280 km long, and the weather conditions will dictate the progress. It is estimated that this expedition will last between 15 and 30 days.